Pre Primary Section:

  • Term-wise, activity-based curriculum supported with smart-class technology.
  • Importance to written skills based on the strengths of the students.
  • Sufficient Oral drill to improve spoken skills of students.
  • Story-telling and conversation to the best possible way.
  • Outdoor as well as Indoor play area depending on weather conditions.
  • Spacious, well-ventilated classrooms which supports all kinds of activities to students with limited strength.
  • Pre-Primary Trained Teacher, Assistant Teacher and one Ayah to take utmost care for students in each section.
  • Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ – utmost care is taken to maintain cleanliness in and around the classrooms and school premises.
  • Regular Field Trips (Education Trips) are organised to prominent places of Science, Technology and Historical monuments.

  • Primary Section:

  • Term-wise, activity-based curriculum supported with smart-class technology.
  • Every week-end class will be the activity-hair for every subject.
  • Primary section is primarily intended to strengthen the language skills.
  • Activity material is supported by the school for completion of activities accurately.
  • Activity sheets booklet is issued after term examinations to work out in term holidays.
  • Month-wise CCA competitions as well as training in games and sports.
  • Students are divided into 4 groups namely Vasista, Valmiki, Vishwamitra, Vedavyasa for the sake of competitions.
  • The regular curriculum is from 9.00 A.M. to 3.30 P.M.
  • From II std to V std, everyday activity period 3.40 P.M. to 4.40 P.M. is enriched with twice a week Spoken English classes, twice Abacus classes, twice Music / Dance classes.
  • If opted dance on payment of extra fee. Remaining everyday activities will be provided by the school.
  • All the extra curricular activities are provided by the school.
  • All the activities will be successful with limited strength in the classrooms.
  • Library facility is available to students to make Book reading as a hobby.

  • Secondary Section:

  • SSC Board curriculum enriched with concept orientation.
  • The curriculum is also given technology support with smart-class.
  • Practical demos will be given to the needy concepts for better understanding.
  • Life skills and work experience is introduced at this level.
  • IIT-based stressless training is a special feature.
  • Month-wise CCA competitions along with training in games and sports.
  • Exclusive training in communication skills.
  • Library and lab facility available.
  • Outdoor educational trips.

  • Curriculum:

    “Vikasita Vyaktitva” is the prime motto of GPRMS Curriculum. From ‘Smart class’ sessions to Music and Arts classes, a well stacked library, sports and meditation sessions we offer a complete curriculum for overall development of every child.


    Standard Assessment Tools are used to check the original performance of the students in academics as well as identify the personal interests of the students in co-curricular activities.