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Mrs. G Srividya Reddy – Secretary, G Pulla Reddy Memorial School

Srividya Reddy Gunampally

Mrs. G. Srividya Reddy is a dynamic personality with loads of enthusiasm and tonnes of energy. She carries her own sunshine wherever she goes and radiates warmth & positive energy.

Mrs. G. Srividya Reddy is an engineer having graduated from the prestigious JNTU and also holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration in HR & Marketing from the ICFAI School.

Mrs. G. Srividya Reddy is the daughter of Sri G. Raghava Reddy, a renowned educationist & philanthropist and the grand-daughter of the illustrious Late G. Pulla Reddy, a visionary par excellence with tremendous foresight, great wisdom, down-to-earth humility and compassion. The GPR Charities Trust was established by her grandfather in 1975 with a resolution to do good to society. Today, the GPR Charities Trust runs several educational institutions and charities bringing education & empowerment to women and positively impacting the lives of lakhs of people with its charitable services.

Her father, Shri G. Raghava Reddy is the founder Trustee of GPR Charities Trust, Secretary of the educational institutions run by the GPR Charities Trust and is the International President of Vishwa Hindu Parishad. Her mother, Smt. G. Bharathi Reddy is an active member of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Coming from a lineage of illustrious parents and grand-parents, Mrs. G. Srividya Reddy has imbibed great qualities and nurtures the cherished goals of the late G. Pulla Reddy. She possesses a strong combination of academics and entrepreneurship. She understands the aspirations, opportunities and challenges of the present generation and with abundant zest and youthful zeal, she oversees the implementation of the best teaching and learning practices in the colleges under her supervision. A leader by example, Srividya Reddy loves challenges and has a modern outlook and sharp acumen.

Education is a natural calling for Mrs. G. Srividya Reddy and to make the educational institutions run by GPR Charities Trust as Centres of Excellence is her passion and cherished vision. With innate leadership qualities coupled with the burning desire to continually improve and innovate, Mrs. G. Srividya Reddy is a driving force that has made GNITS and other institutions rank amongst the top institutions in the country.

She is a member – FLO Hyderabad Chapter (FICCI) with a group of 650 members, comprising entrepreneurs, professionals, corporate executives and home makers. She is also a member of Telangana Censor Board and an active member of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

Mrs. G. Srividya Reddy is the recipient of many awards for her extraordinary works. She is the recipient of Dewang Mehta National Education Award by IPE. She is the recipient of National Employability Award for the fourth consecutive year (2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20).  GNIT, the college that runs under her stewardship has won the Best College Award from Higher Education Human Resource Enclave, Hyderabad, Telangana (2019). It has also won the Best College Award for Innovative Practices (internet of things-2019). Needless to say, Mrs. G. Srividya Reddy’s able leadership enabled the college to get the above awards.

Following in the footsteps of her father and grand-father, Mrs. G. Srividya Reddy, leads a multi-faceted life as an educationist, social activist and community volunteer. Having gained substantial experience in administering various institutions, Mrs. G. Srividya Reddy aspires to make bigger contributions to society and as part of this aspiration, seeks larger responsibilities in Governmental bodies & Institutions. Being an active member in various industrial bodies, organizations and enterprises, Mrs. G. Srividya Reddy is a versatile personality with influence, awareness, motivation and abundance of youthful energy. As a young achiever, Mrs. G. Srividya Reddy’s enterprising nature, administrative abilities, professional qualifications, result oriented approach and coming from a family with proven track record make her an all round personality with worthy credentials to shoulder greater responsibilities and contribute in nation building process.

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