Students Life

G Pulla Reddy Memorial School is an environment that is bustling with activity, full of excitement and overflowing with life. Students build friendships, learn responsibility and work hard in a safe, secure environment. Whether we are singing, acting, competing or learning, we are doing so in a unique way to create an education that defines a lifetime. At GPRMS our students experience many fun and exciting events that involve the entire school.

Pre Primary & Primary Section:

Every morning, at 8.40, the school comes alive with the animated voices of students and teachers. They look forward to an incredible day ahead. The morning assembly is a time to introspect, mediate and calm the energetic souls.

Soon after, the young learners step into the world of knowledge and exploration, experimentation and analytics. A classroom is the place where the young minds are ignited. 

The playground is equally inviting. Sports and games program is interwoven in the curriculum and is designed to serve individual enthusiasts as well as those seeking group activities.

Playground is abuzz with frequent football, cricket and khoko matches.

A cheerful dimension is added to the lives of students through music which is an integral part of the curriculum.

To enrich and embolden the citizens of tomorrow, children are encouraged to pursue hobbies like dance & music, chess, scrabble, caroms, social service and public speaking.


The System of Houses:

Team Spirit, healthy competition and leadership qualities are encouraged through the House System.
The students are divided into four houses.

  • Vedavyasa
  • Vasista
  • Valmiki
  • Vishwamitra


There is a Literary Association, a Cultural Association and a Science Club in the School. 

Every child should belong to any one of these depending on his / her talent and inclination. At least once in a month, functions are held by each organisation in their concerned activity.

The children are encouraged to take initiative and organise the functions with the help and guidance of well experienced staff.

  • Literary activities – Debates, Quiz, Public speaking, Essay writing, Dramatic
  • Cultural activities – Dance & Music
  • Crafts – Drawing, Paintings and Handicrafts
  • Sports activities – Athletic, Cricket, Badminton, Football.

Social Awareness:

Co-Curricular activities such as games, sports, music, and art are the branches of our curricula. To sensitize the students with worldly knowledge, we have educational tours. The school has a vast ground with facilities for cricket, football, and volleyball for the physical growth of the children. Activity oriented subjects like Arts and Drama help in the overall development of the child and provides an opportunity for expressing their talent and creativity.